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Social Media Marketing involves creating content for promoting a business on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to drive user engagement and sharing. The content is tailored to target the specific demography.  Social Media Marketing Services in India help in boosting brand awareness and conversions

Social media marketing is all about meeting the customers where they are and at the right time. Social media strategy is beneficial and valuable for the business goal. The strategy of Social Media Marketing Services in India differs based on the social media platform your audience spends their time the most.

According to, there are

  • 73 Billion Users on Facebook
  • 126 Billion Users on Twitter
  • 1 Million Monthly active users on Instagram
  • 675 Million Users on YouTube
  • 367 Million Users on Pinterest

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Leads and conversions
  • Boost sales
  • Grand reach
  • Increased website traffic

Many times, it takes out of the box ideas to take off on social media. A Social Media Marketing Agency in India can help by giving an edge to campaign strategies and content ideas with tried and trusted formulas that have proven fruitful earlier.  Only creating the campaigns is not enough, optimizing is an important part of social media marketing too. Getting a second opinion by the Social Media Marketing Services in India experts can help the business achieve its objectives.

1: Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook marketing refers to creating a business page on Facebook and actively marketing the business over it through engaging and compelling content. A Facebook Marketing Agency in India works with the business objectives of the brand and develop advertising and marketing campaigns as a part of comprehensive Social Media Marketing Services in India.

  • Targeted campaigns
  • Good reach

Builds brand loyalty

2: Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter Marketing is centered on creating, publishing, and distributing content for the audience, buyer personas, and followers through the social media platform. It is centered around real-time conversation in comparison to Facebook which is based on ongoing conversion.  Twitter Marketing Services in India is the most effective way to promote a brand without allocating much budget to marketing.

  • Get instant feedback about the products
  • Boost Website’s SEO
  • Drive website traffic

3: Instagram Marketing Services

With over 1 million users on Instagram, marketing n the platform is beneficial for any business online. Various features like stories, IGTV and reels help grant exposure to a brand and expand its reach quickly among the audience. It is solely based on sharing imaged and videos unlike Facebook and Twitter that involves text too. Here is why Instagram Marketing Services in India are important for any business.

  • Easy To target
  • traceability
  • Quality Brand Building

4: LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn is asocial media platform that is mainly used for making connections and creating brand awareness. LinkedIn Marketing Services helps in engaging with a community that is relevant to a business and drive action helpful for a business.

  • Helps in targeting a B2B audience
  • Builds brand reputation
  • Easy lead building

5: Pinterest Marketing Services

Pinterest is one of the most affordable and versatile marketing tools for businesses that are bent upon converting more leads, building brand awareness, and driving more traffic to their website. Being a image-oriented platform, it accounts to have a high purchase intent. Pinterest Marketing and Management Services India help in building a brand image online by distributing unique and engaging content to the Pinterest board.

  • Fast leads
  • Fast conversions
  • Inspire purchase easily

Availing the services of the best Social Media Marketing Agency in India can help a business secure a competitive edge in the business online. You can contact Abhisan Technology Pvt. Ltd to know more.